Wednesday, October 21, 2009

58 : Blueberry Morningsnow

Three and a half


Geometry mother is heat and numbers

More and more spine to my mother of lines, center of let (on earth or of earth?)
Thought I’d be past the edge of I am I am (let there be less things in general?)
Thought I’d be less shadow more spine (let there be more mothering?)
ghost: let’s (let’s pretend we are each other!)



ghost: To the edge of money! (let’s pretend we’re each other’s parents! )
A mother she found in air (I’m air) she said, kissing (let air exist?)
A shadow now blessedly a spine in front of me (let there be. . . .not profits exactly?)
Quite literally unable to run from my shadow (nuclear war?)


This I believe (if belief equals love)

I believe I have large trees growing hinter my eyes (I’m letting them grow)
ghost: I believe I am absent (I wish I were alive!)
I believe breath is knitted by an air-mother (I’m letting it be knit)
I believe in midwives, psychopomps and muscles (Because I believe this, it exists)


It is

ghost: It is the muscle past itself (let’s be mother of what it is or could be!)
It is you I have hunted for through time & space to love and believe in (it is us,)